Efficiency prediction of electro-mechanical transmissions using Romax Energy – Stockholm, KTH


Location: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Teknikringen 14,, Datorsal: Bilbo, 114 28 Stockholm , Sweden.

Efficiency prediction of electro-mechanical transmissions using Romax Energy – Seminar & Workshop

The improvement of transmission efficiency is of paramount importance in order to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (ICE) or extend range (EV). These challenges are faced by many industrial sectors such as aerospace and automotive.  Increasing transportation needs of people and goods along with shorter development cycles brings the need for simulation methods and tools which are accurate, fast and easy to use. Such simulation capabilities help engineers to design more efficient transmissions and meet their targets.

Romax Energy is a global efficiency prediction tool for electro-mechanical transmissions. Encompassing advanced tribological models and backed-up by continuous internal R&D efforts, Romax Energy allows users to calculate power losses, fuel consumption and emissions for a given drive cycle, and to investigate the impact of different bearing and gear designs on system efficiency. It also offers a unique capability to help select the optimum oil and investigate the effect of the oil additive pack for a given design.

Please join us for this free-to-attend seminar “Efficiency prediction of electro-mechanical transmissions using Romax Energy” that will cover topics such as:

  • Efficiency prediction methods for load-dependent and load-independent power losses
  • Drive-cycle simulation
  • Romax’s unique simulation tool (based on the FVA345 methodology) to investigate the effect of oil formulation on efficiency, which enables engineers to select the right oil for the right machine
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