Romax Spectrum

Gear whine simulation & performance improvement using Romax Spectrum

Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm IST / 9:30 - 11:30am BST

Location: Online Workshop

One of the major challenges facing transmission designers is “will the chosen design meet the expected NVH performance criteria?” If it does not, the next question may be “what is the most cost-effective way to make design modifications?”

If issues with the design are only discovered during the final development stages, great costs may be incurred. To avoid this situation and pave the way for better NVH performance, Romax Spectrum provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to improve noise and vibration without sacrificing the durability and efficiency of the transmission. It is crucial for transmission designers to understand the factors contributing most significantly to gear whine, and to test out the effect of varying the most sensitive contributing factors in increasing order of cost.

Correlation of acceleration plots in simulation with test data for NVH analysis is a significant challenge; a high fidelity CAE model is required to quantify the effect of design modifications against performance. Romax Spectrum is an easy tool for designers and testing engineers to easily correlate a CAE model with test results and quickly gives the most sensitive parameters which can be modified in increasing order of cost. The effect of parameter modifications, such as microgeometry optimisation, changing shaft sections and adjusting bearing preload, on acoustic analysis, and perceived noise in dB gives designers a good understanding of how to design for the required performance.

In this workshop, we will discuss the easiest way to perform NVH analysis and make required design modifications. We will also give basic definitions of gear whine and rattle, and discuss the different approaches they require.

Gearbox data and vehicle data will provide the inputs for NVH analysis, and the key focus of the workshop will be how to modify sensitive parameters to reduce gear whine noise. A sample model building and NVH and acoustic analysis for gear whine will be discussed along with the steps for correlating the model before any parameters are modified.


In this workshop we will cover the following:


  • Key features of Romax Spectrum
  • Dynamic analysis using Romax Spectrum
  • Design modification to reduce gear whine
  • Acoustic analysis Romax Acoustic Analysis, powered by FFT Actran
  • Basic difference between whine and rattle
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